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Blue Cape Cellars – Word on the Street

When you are a boutique wine operation, getting noticed can be difficult.  As in many endeavors, it takes time for the public to “know who you are.” That is changing for Blue Cape Cellars. In May, our 2012 and 2013 Sta. Rita Hills wines were featured at the Taste of...

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Unfiltered VS Filtered

During or after fermentation, wines can be fined or filtered. Fining occurs when substances are added to the wine to clarify it. For example, a winemaker might add a substance such as clay or egg whites added to the wine that the unwanted particles will adhere to....

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Central Coast Vineyards

Two things stand out in our Blue Cape Cellars project.  One, the wines made from grapes in the California Central Coast have a very distinct flavor – what wine aficionados call “terroir.”  Think of terroir as the sum total of all that goes into the wine – the soil,...

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Pinot Noir clones grown in Champagne are selected for their high yield; not the small berries and low yields that are sought by red winemakers. Some clones recommended for Sparkling Wine are: 521, 743, 779, 792, 870, 872, 927. The world’s best red wines are reputed to...

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Duck and Decanter

Our favorite client has been the Duck & Decanter, 1651 East Camelback, locally referred to simply as “The Duck.” Since 1972 Earl and Dorothy Mettler took over this sandwich haven with some of the most phenomenal creations and, among other things, a fabulous wine...

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